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Dry Creek Turquoise has gained much popularity over the years with its creamy pale blue coloring and golden to cocoa brown matrix.  The coloring very much reminds me of Larimar, of course Larimar does not have the beautiful golden and cocoa matrix!

The Dry Creek Turquoise mine in Nevada was first discovered during the early 1990's by the Shoshone Indians. The Shoshone are not typically jewelry makers and had privately leased the mining rights on a limited basis or used the stone as trade.
Although there is some dispute and disagreement over 'White' Turquoise (which we agree with mineralogists), it is a beautiful stone and popular amongst traditional and contemporary Native American silversmiths. White Buffalo Stone was discovered in western Utah at the farthest edge of the Dry Creek Turquoise vein. This is likely the reason why many refer to it as 'turquoise'.

This is Sacred White Buffalo often referred to as White Turquoise with it's very distinctive White Background and Black matrix!
Mineralogist state it lacks any metal in its composition (which gives turquoise color)Blue Turquoise forms where there is copper present and Green turquoise forms where iron is present.

We actually have had some specimens from the middle of this vein where you can see just a hint of color into cream with beautiful golden brown matrix. Either way, the stone is beautiful with its striking black & white contrast and to my knowledge this is the only vein in the world.

Because this stone is so often (and commonly referred to as 'White Turquoise') you will see many of our listings with the term (and clarification) for web search purposes.
Do not confuse Sacred White Buffalo with Howlite (white with gray matrix and much lighter in density/weight) which is beautiful and desirable in its own right but considerably less in value than Sacred White Buffalo. We have sadly seen unscrupulous dealers presenting Howlite as 'White Turquoise'. 

We have designed with this beautiful and showy stone for many years.
Crazy Horse Wild Horse Gila Magnesite Sterling Silver Pendant
Australian Magnesite Beads
Here is where everything can really get muddled!  The bead example to the left is also a Magnesite and likely from the larger, very beautiful Australian mines, but there are also deposits in Nevada.
This Magnesite has wonderful golden to cocoa brown matrix against an 'off white' background. We see this often labeled in a combination of titles including these words 'Sacred Buffalo White Turquoise'.

It is an absolutely beautiful stone and often dyed brilliant colors as in the photo to the right which simulates Gaspeite. With those brilliant colors it is dyed the color of 'turquoise' and sadly also sold as Turquoise (we see this very often misrepresented as 'Turquoise'.

Australian Magnesite Dyed Brilliant Green
Turquoise Color Dyed Howlite
Australian Magnesite
Turquoise Color dyed Magnesite is actually very beautiful (in my opinion). Because the stone has an off white base, the dyed turquoise has a more Aqua color (just a hint of green as in the left photo) versus the below photo which is Howlite dyed a turquoise color. Because Howlite is very white and they often use the scrap stone without the gray veining, the dyed beads are very blue with little to no matrix or veining.
With all those brilliant colors it can be dyed the color of 'turquoise' and sadly also sold as Turquoise (we see this very often misrepresented as 'Turquoise').
Please note these are just a few examples of 'turquoise color' dyed stones.  They come in all shapes and sizes and under 'normal' circumstances, I would typically say 'use your own good Please note these are just a few examples of ...if it sounds too good to be true...well, you know the rest'.

Unfortunately we are seeing more and more product being offered not necessarily at what would be perceived as a lower price, but these mislabeled products are being offered at the same price as the ''Real Deal'!  What prompted my explansion on this information was when a Howlite Pendant (like the one pictured above which we sold on a custom beaded necklace) was listed in a search result next to Sacred White Buffalo Pendants for the same or even higher prices.  Since Howlite is typically presented in larger stones this looks like a GREAT deal, but in fact...it's just terribly misleading!
Beautiful Natural Australian Magnesite Beads
Australian Magnesite Beads are often dyed to Blue Turquoise Color and Brilliant Green Gaspeite Color
Turquoise Color Dyed Australian Magnesite
Turquoise Color Dyed Howlite Stone

Understanding Dry Creek Turquoise, Sacred White Buffalo Stone, White Buffalo Turquoise, Howlite, Crazy (Wild) Horse Magnesite, White Horse Turquoise

As in any Turquoise Mine or Vein, stones can vary and coloring changes depending on various elements with one being the specific metal content found. When Copper is evident Turquoise has more Blue tones and with Iron present Turquoise takes on Green coloring. These changes are most evident in the Nevada Carico Lake Mine with variations from Light Blue to Lime Green.
Dry Creek Turquoise had been mined for a number of years producing a creamy blue stone often with a golden or cocoa brown matrix but can have extreme variations depending on the areas mined.  

The miner passed on and the mine ended in a family dispute with operations halted for several years. When new rough started coming from the region it lacked some of the luster we all fell in love with and for a couple years we had rejected more than half the finished jewelry presented for quality of stone.

We are so proud to offer an extraordinary selection of new creations sporting some beautiful specimens of Dry Creek Turquoise.

Sacred White Buffalo Stone (commonly referred to as White Turquoise)

Four Corners USA Native American Dry Creek Turquoise Jewelry Collection Earrings Bracelets Pendants and Earrings

Often labeled as 'White Turquoise' ..........
          This is NOT White Turquoise! 
                  (or White Buffalo Stone)
Howlite Pendant and Optional Beaded Necklace
Sacred White Buffalo Turquoise Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets
Bead Necklaces that compliment many Dry Creek Turquoise Pendants but is not Dry Creek Turquoise
Bead Strand Jewelry Supplies from Mexico 
(temporarily strung bead strands for Jewelry Designers) were recently introduced into the Marketplace (2013/2014).

They have a certain 'artistic' appeal with their uneven cut, various blue green color tones and pale to dark earthy matrix.

With the variation in colors, these beads are very attractive with many types of Turquoise and with the 'pale' color nature, Bead Jewelry Designers (whether 
Anglo or Native American) have found them complimentary to Dry Creek Turquoise Jewelry. When sold with a Native American made Dry Creek Turquoise Pendant, they often are 'perceived' as being Dry Creek Turquoise Beads...but they are not. There is much stone loss in the making of a bead (loss varies on shape of bead) that American Turquoise Beads are being depleted as we have begun to realize the 'treasure' beneath our feet will not last forever. So one would have to ask the question..."Am I really able to purchase Dry Creek Turquoise Beads for that price?" ... as Dry Creek Turquoise rough is very limited.
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All dialogue and articles throughout our website are Original Written Content compiled over years of experience and information obtained through personal conversations and relationships we have maintained for over 20 years.

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To confuse matters further, there is a Magnesite mined in the Gila region of New Mexico commonly referred to as Crazy Horse (back in the day but not to be confused with more recent Limestone Bead imports) or Wild Horse.  Earlier mined stones (1980/1990's) such as in this Pendant have wonderful color variation including Whites, creamy beige and pinkish tones. We have also seen this referred to as 'White Turquoise' as well as 'White Horse Turquoise'. 

Whether misguided or misinformed, we have seen sellers call this and Australian Magnesite (beads pictured below) 'White Turquoise' as well. (Australian Magnesite Beads pictured below, has an off white background with golden to cocoa brown spider matrix often used as the base for turquoise color dyed beads/pendants) 

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